Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Wednesday April 1, 2020 A is for Albatross!

2020 A to Z Challenge!
A is for Albatross!

Photo credit to Cornell Lab of Ornithology

This lovely bird is a Laysan Albatross
One of the most marvelous sights in the Pacific ocean is the graceful glide of a Laysan Albatross at play among the winds and waves. These expert soarers can travel hundreds of miles per day with barely a wingbeat. They nest on islands of the tropical Pacific, but they may head out to Japan, the Aleutian Islands, or California to feed. Laysan Albatrosses are numerous, though they face threats from longline fishing, plastic trash in the ocean, and predation by dogs, rats, and cats.
for all the information on this blog. 
It is a wonderful web site full not only
with written information, but also bird songs
and videos! Enjoy and treasure birds!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Reveal of my 2020 A to Z Challenge!

California Acorn Woodpecker
March 2018 

I have not participated in the
 A to Z Challenge since 2016!
Good grief! 
Anyhow- I'll be posting a Bird a Day.
Some might be my photos such as
the one above and my header, but more
 likely I will be dependent upon the wonderful
web site : Cornell Lab of Ornithology !!  
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone
else will be doing! Cheers!
And have fun!