Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Reflections on the 2020 A to Z Challenge

Orr Lake
Siskiyou County, California 

I thoroughly enjoyed participating
in this years A to Z Challenge.
First off, I had fun choosing what 
birds to use. Then choosing what
photos of mine to use. And finally
many, many thanks to the wonderful
Without this resource it would have been
very hard for me to complete on time.
Plus this web site enabled me to give the viewers 
the best available information 
plus the best photos/images possible. 
It was great fun and I truly appreciate
all the viewers kind comments. 
And many, many thanks to everyone
who participated! I had fun reading other's
blogs. I made it a point to look and comment
each day on all the blogs I had chosen to
follow. Wasn't easy, but once I chose a
blog to follow I didn't want to miss out
on anyone's words and photos.  
And thanks to all of you who helped
organize the 2020 A to Z Challenge! 
An incredible amount of work!
And thanks to everyone who played!

One last photo....wild turkeys outside
our former home in Weed,
Siskiyou County, Northern California.
We were on 10.5 acres and had plenty
of room for the sometimes 40 surrounding us!
Cheers and have a lovely day!


  1. It was great fun learning about all the birds you featured. Thanks so much for all of your posts!

  2. Lovely tour inside the wonderful world of birds! I enjoyed your posts a lot, it was fun to see special birds, and hear their call ;)

  3. I enjoyed your birds. I hope you'll be back next year!

  4. Enjoyed learning about birds!! I am more of a tree person so this was wonderful indeed! Congratulations on completing the AtoZ!

  5. Congratulations on the completion! It was fun to know about different birds each day!

  6. I live a little more than an hour away from Ithaca, NY and Cornell. I've been on the grounds of the Lab a couple of times. They have various observation areas. I'm recently retired (although still working part time) and I hope they will be reopening so I can visit now that I can do it on a weekday. Thank you for visiting my blog! Alana ramblinwithm.blogspot.com

  7. I'm going to have to go back and catch up!

  8. Oh wow so many turkeys darling