Wednesday, April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020 S is for Stork!

2020 A to Z Challenge!
S is for Wood Stork !

Large, white Wood Storks wade through southeastern swamps and wetlands. Although this stork doesn't bring babies, it is a good flier, soaring on thermals with neck and legs outstretched. This bald-headed wading bird stands just over 3 feet tall, towering above almost all other wetland birds. It slowly walks through wetlands with its long, hefty bill down in the water feeling for fish and crustaceans. This ungainly looking stork roosts and nests in colonies in trees above standing water.

Storks, mainly the White Stork of Europe, figure prominently in mythology. They are revered in Greek, Chinese, and European mythologies as good luck and harbingers of spring and birth. The association between storks and babies was popularized by Hans Christian Andersen's fable "The Storks," written in the nineteenth century featuring the White Stork of Europe.  

Wood Storks occur only in a few areas in the United States, so to get a look at one, head to a wetland preserve or wildlife area along the coast in Florida, South Carolina, or Georgia. Wood Storks tend to be busily foraging with their head down and body held horizontally, but their large size should help them stand out amongst the other pale herons, ibises, and egrets in wetlands even if you can't see their hefty bill. If they aren't foraging in areas with standing water, check nearby trees for groups of roosting Wood Storks, or look up in the sky for soaring birds with black-and-white wings. They are mostly silent, but during the breeding season, sounds of begging chicks might help you find a colony.
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  1. Storks used to leave Alsace (North-East France) for Winter, but now they all year long. Nice big birds.
    S is for Scherenschnitte

    1. They are nice big birds...I would love to see them in person....maybe the next time we go to France we should go to Alsace...I know they also have lovely white wines and the country side is beautiful. Thanks for your always nice comments.

  2. I had no idea there were any kinds of storks in the US!

  3. Have you watched the movie Storks?? It is adorable!

    S is for Struggle

  4. There's a zoo i read about that got organizations to sponsore different animals, and the local obstetricians got together and sponsored the stork enxhibit!