Monday, April 27, 2020

Tuesday April 28, 2020 X is for Xenus Cinereus!

2020 A to Z Challenge!
X is for Xenus Cinereus.
Also known as Terek Sandpiper.
In order to utilize the "Z"  I had 
to use this bird's scientific name !  

Unique smallish wader with stumpy bright orange legs and a noticeably upturned bill. Plumage gray overall with white belly, but in flight shows conspicuous white trailing edge to wings. Breeds in valley floodplains in tundra and taiga. In the non-breeding season, occurs singly or in flocks in varied wetland habitats, from fresh marshes to tidal mudflats, and often apart from other shorebirds. Feeds by dashing after insects and also by probing bill in mud, like a mini-godwit.
To learn and hear more about this bird
go to  this LINK! 

Enjoy exploring this birds world.


  1. Love all these birds and the information on them. Love how you used scientific name to get the letters in so very clever. Thank you. Blessings

  2. Well done! Xenus Cinereus, cute name for a cute bird! I love his long beak!
    X is for…

  3. We get sandpipers in the UK but not in my part of the country (Devon) unfortunately. I have never ever seen one and would really like to.
    Not So Sweet Toffee
    That's Purrfect

  4. What an interesting beak it has. None of the sandpipers in my part of the US have that curved kind. I like the prints their little feet leave in the sand! I have a painting of sandpipers on a beach. Not this kind though.

  5. I would love to see one of these! Where I live, I have a sandy beach to my left and a wetland marsh to my right, but they don't seem to have discovered them yet!

    X is for ...

  6. Such a pretty bird!

    X is for Xanthan

  7. A lovely bird, and aren't scientific names great!

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